Greenspon Advertising wins a Vega Award for digital advertising 2 years running…

We don’t do it to decorate the mantle–

but we’re proud to extend our winning streak of Telly Awards for television commercials and online videos.

Before you wade in, let’s cut to the chase. If you’re here, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re wondering if we’d be a good fit for your advertising or marketing needs. In a word–


Seriously, while you can see some of the businesses and industries we have served and work we’ve done here, we pride ourselves on having a varied, well-rounded clientele. It keeps things interesting.

Call or send an email and we’ll discuss the possibilities with you.

What We’ve Been Up To Lately

AAA Car Care

Introducing consumers to the advantages of AAA membership by extending benefits to all.

AAA Insurance

Our award-winning campaign highlights protecting the moment– and people– that matter most.

AirHeat & Armstrong Air

Grabbing Ontario’s attention with YouTube, digital display and a pop-up website with a tantalizing offer.

Black Pest Branding Refresh

Meet Lily, Black Pest Prevention’s brand new logo, mascot, and budding TV personality!

F.H. Furr / Zimmerman

Are we good or lucky? Ryan Zimmerman pitches Furr’s superlative service the year he wins it all.

Timber Block Homes

Educating Florida snowbirds on the possibility of a high-tech log hideaway in the mountains of NC.

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one customer at a time.

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Greenspon Advertising is a full-service firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina that serves select clients throughout the U.S. and Canada. Since 2005, we've provided strategies that build and sustain brands efficiently and effectively.